Thursday, January 5, 2012

The right thing at the right time

Lately, I have been struggling with worry.  Okay, I've always struggled with worry, but lately it's been worse.  I try to stuff it down deeper and deeper.  That works a while, until finally it comes rearing its ugly head yet again.  Attack by the enemy?  I think so.  So, I know that God says "do not fear" in His word, but sometimes I still do.  It is simple for me, if I am not being tempted to worry, then I am asleep.  Satan knows that I struggle with worry and fear.  I always have, and maybe, always will.  This does not mean that I have to give into it.  Lately, I have been worried about my future....when and where will I teach?  When will I be able to have children of my own?  Etc. And on, and on.  The other night I was listening to KLRC, a local radio station, and I heard Proverbs 19:21.  "Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails."  Isn't this true?  What a blessing it was for me to hear these words.  The Lord's plans will prevail, no matter what!  I can plan and plan, worry and not trust.  These are all foolish behaviors because no matter what, the Lord's plans will prevail.  That really is comforting because I like to take control of situations.  When these situations do not turn out the way I would like, I get discouraged.  However, if God's plans do not fail, then I have nothing to fear.  I can rest in His plan and perfect will for my life.  When reading my devotion this morning, I came across something that spoke so loudly to me.  It said, "God will do the right thing at the right time."  Doesn't He always?  His plan is supreme over ours.  No need to worry, but only to trust His promise to act on our behalf.  "Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful."  Hebrews 10:23.  Instead of worrying, I'll think on these things--Philippians 4:13.


  1. In one of my bible studies (Beth Moore? or Power of a praying woman?) she said that the most frequent command in the bible is "do not fear". That always just stuck with me. I will be praying for God to help you with worrying. I know it is so easy to worry and to let worrying distract us from other things. Hope you have a great day!

  2. Hey, I appreciate that...and I think it might be Beth Moore (Believing God, maybe) because I have heard that and forgotten it. I appreciate your encouragement. Yes, you're so right...fear distracts us ultimately from God and from enjoyment. Have a great evening :)